Shannon Pinc


Shannon Pinc is the Circular Economy Specialist for NatureWorks, a global biopolymer supplier. Her interest in managing natural resources led her to complete a bachelor’s degree in Biology from St. Catherine’s University and a master’s degree in Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Shannon has over 20 years of sustainability experience within the private and public sectors managing programs and projects across several focus areas including waste, carbon emissions, water, energy, education, and policy writing. Her key role is partnering with stakeholders across the entire value chain to move to a more circular system of managing products made with NatureWorks biopolymers. Shannon serves on the board of the Minnesota Composting Council and is also the President of the MN Chapter of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

I believe my experience and knowledge in the sustainability and packaging space can benefit the organization and its members. Some of the areas that I am well versed are bioplastics, composting, LCAs and moving the packaging industry toward the circular economy. In my position at NatureWorks, I am often called into discussions with packaging suppliers and brands to talk about these topics and more.

I am involved in helping develop, review and comment on relevant legislation in the states of CA, WA, MN and other areas across the U.S. I see serving on the Executive Committee as an opportunity to build bridges between packaging companies, brands, composters/recyclers and states/municipalities. I am currently serving in this capacity as a liaison between USCC’s ‘Corporate Compost Leadership Council’ and the ‘Target Organics Committee’, two groups that I actively participate in.

Lastly, I have served on a variety of boards and committees and recognize the work it takes to lead an organization forward in service to their members. I provide strategic guidance when improving membership, increasing engagement, and developing successful partnerships to achieve stated goals.