Sarah Dearman

Coca-Cola Company

Sarah Dearman leads Sustainable Packaging for The Coca‑Cola Company in North America. From working cross-functionally to reduce the environmental footprint of Coca‑Cola’s packaging to partnering externally to improve community recycling, Sarah focuses on driving collaboration to advance sustainability. Sarah is passionate about her work to help one of the world’s most recognized packages, and the Company’s many other packages, become more sustainable through design, innovation and end-of-life solutions.

Sarah’s been working on advancing and communicating sustainability at Coca‑Cola for five years. Prior to that, she worked for the State of Georgia on sustainability programs to help people and businesses reduce their impact on the environment. She began her career as a meteorologist after earning a Physical Science degree from the University of Maryland. Sarah serves in advisory roles with several industry and community organizations including The Recycling Partnership, Closed Loop Fund and Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

Sarah’s spare time (not that there is much of that with two kids under three) is spent outdoors kayaking, hiking, or lounging on a beach.