Sandeep Kulkarni

KoolEarth Solutions, Inc.

Sandeep has over two decades of industry experience related to sustainable packaging. He has worked in R&D roles in the packaging and CPG industry, at major corporations such as International Paper, Neenah Paper, Georgia Pacific and PepsiCo. He has led the development of innovative and sustainable packaging that contributed over $ 20 MM of new revenue, and also resulted in 8 granted patents. At PepsiCo, Sandeep led initiatives such as the development of a paper/pulp-based bottle, bio-based PET as well as increasing PET recycling and GHG reduction. Since 2018, Sandeep has been an independent consultant and his clients include major CPG companies (Starbucks, McDonald’s, Amazon) as well as start-up companies. He is also a founding member of Ubuntoo, a unique environmental and sustainability solutions platform. He holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

Having worked with companies through the entire packaging supply chain (materials suppliers, converters and brand owners), I bring a unique perspective to the field of sustainable packaging. Also, as an independent consultant I can truly represent the entire packaging supply chain in an unbiased manner. While I have always been very passionate about sustainability, I truly had the opportunity to bring this passion to bear during my tenure at PepsiCo. Also, during that same time I became actively involved in the SPC as well as several of the ILCs and the MMFR. I have been extreme impressed by the diverse range of companies and stakeholders that are members of the SPC and the fact that large (billion dollar) companies as well as start-ups can come together under the SPC umbrella to make sustainable packaging a reality. If I am given the opportunity to serve on the SPC executive committee, I will strive to use my diverse experience to drive increased collaboration between members and to serve as a voice for the broad range of companies. I will also ensure that the SPC continues its focus on material agnostic and holistic sustainable packaging solutions.