Rose Shulman

Sustainable Packaging Manager


Rose Shulman is a Sustainable Packaging Manager at the LEGO Group. There she works in a strategic function, helping to set the company’s sustainable packaging ambitions and enabling the organization to deliver on their aggressive environmental sustainability goals. She has 15 years of experience in the packaging industry at major corporations including The Hershey Company and Hasbro. Rose has also served on the Advisory Board for Sustainability in Packaging US for over 5 years. She is active in the diversity and inclusion space and is passionate about making a positive impact on people and the planet. Rose is originally from Maine, where she grew up surrounded by nature. Her lifelong enthusiasm for environmental advocacy began there. After living on the east coast for many years, she recently moved to Billund, Denmark with her husband and two children. There she is active in the community and enjoys hygge time with her family.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition has been a leader in driving change in the packaging field for many years. I’m excited about the prospect of contributing to the SPC mission, continuing to advance the packaging industry and raise the standards for sustainable packaging in the future. I believe that together we can solve the complex problems that our industry and planet face, and I would be honored to join the SPC Executive Committee and serve as an advisor in this role.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

I believe that my background in packaging sustainability, experience in large consumer brand organizations, and passion for the environment make me an ideal candidate for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition Executive Committee. I am dedicated to advancing the packaging sustainability industry and would bring my expertise, passion, and collaborative mindset to the role.