Rebecca Schoenebeck

Sustana Fiber

Rebecca Schoenebeck is the Marketing Manager for Sustana Fiber, a provider of sustainable, recycled fibers for use in sustainable paper and packaging products. She holds a Marketing and Graphic Communications degree and has more than a decade of paper industry marketing experience with a focus on sustainable food packaging and recycled content paper products.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

With a career in marketing, the paper industry, and knowledge of recycled papers and food grade packaging, I am excited to be involved with a committee where I can deliver value through my marketing expertise and paper industry understanding. My experience and knowledge in several of the key areas demonstrates my ability to contribute to the success of the SPC.

I am currently the Marketing Manager for recycled fiber facilities located in the US and Canada, which manufacture recycled fibers for use in new paper products and packaging. In collaboration with internal and external teams, I have executed strategies to deliver sustainable packaging market information and updates for businesses in the sustainable, packaging space. In many cases, working alongside the mill, converter, and brand end-user has been integral to a successful outcome.

My professional experience and education places me in a positive position to contribute to the SPC and help the organization achieve its activities and goals. I offer paper and packaging background with an understanding and analytical skills to find unique solutions to difficult problems to help companies meet sustainability goals.