Phillip Crowder

Corporate Director, Sustainability, Winpak

I have been in the plastics and packaging markets for 30 years having worked at Eastman Chemical, Sealed Air and now Winpak. I have primarily served in customer-facing roles but have also held positions in strategy, business development and operations. My educational background in chemistry, chemical engineering and a MBA have allowed me to perform in various functions. I proactively moved into Sustainability about 5 years ago. I represented Sealed Air at The Sustainability Consortium and participated on the Working Group that developed Packaging KPIs. I most recently served on the Board for the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) where I contributed on several Sustainability-related projects. In my current role at Winpak, I am responsible for development and execution of the Sustainability strategy and sustainability goals.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

As stated as part of my bio, I have been engaged in both plastics and packaging for 30 years. I find both to be fascinating areas and also know packaging, whether made of plastic or other materials, faces challenges today. SPC is striving to be the leading voice in sustainable packaging. It is looking at key topics brought forward by its membership, researching those topics and providing outcomes. I recognize that EC members have several primary roles – strategic guidance, outreach, and industry knowledge and perspective related to packaging sustainability. Through my background, prior experiences, and current interests, I know I can fulfill these different needs. Further, packaging is at a point where opportunities exist. We have a chance to demonstrate its value in reducing product damage and food waste. We also have the opportunity to demonstrate its value and capability to participate in a Circular Economy. This can be accomplished through defining further meaningful projects focused in these areas and representing interests of SPC members. Participating as an EC member would allow me to help SPC and the packaging industry.