Peter Wang Hjemdahl

rePurpose Global

Peter Wang Hjemdahl is a recent grad from Wharton @ UPenn, Chinese-Norwegian social entrepreneur, and international development strategist. He co-founded rePurpose Global (, a global community of conscious consumers and businesses going PlasticNeutral by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their unique environmental footprint. rePurpose is building one of the world’s first plastic credit platforms with the goal of eliminating ocean plastic and empowering marginalized waste workers in developing countries. 

Prior to becoming a social entrepreneur, Peter has worked on business model design and growth strategy with social ventures across 4 continents and 5 sectors (education, energy, sustainable cities, global health, homelessness). As a Dalberg consultant, Peter advised the World Bank and USAID on the financing of interventions in clean cookstoves and community health in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a crisp understanding of the impact ecosystem ranging from global strategy-setters to local implementers, Peter is passionate about building powerful movements and resilient systems in climate sectors that empower 500M+ members of the urban poor worldwide.