Patrick Owens

VP Sustainability


With thirty-five years of industry experience, Patrick has held Sustainability and ESG roles at a variety of organizations including DuPont, ILC Dover, Jones Nonwovens and more recently Eco- Chain Solutions. Patrick joined Eco-Chain Solutions, the pioneer in regenerative materials management for Food Distribution Centers in February 2022. As Vice President of Sustainability and ESG, Patrick is responsible for leading the company's aspiration to eliminate (packaging related) Scope 3 carbon emissions at food distribution centers across North America. Prior to joining Eco-Chain Solutions, Patrick served as Vice President at Jones Nonwovens where he was responsible for the development of a 100% sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging products. Patrick also served as President at ILC Dover, where he spearheaded the development and rapid deployment of inflatable flood protection products to protect critical infrastructure from climate related emergencies. Patrick also held Global leadership positions with DuPont’s Kevlar, Tyvek, and Corian® Business Units. Patrick earned a BS in Finance from Saint Francis University and an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School. Patrick has a passion for both sustainability and lifelong learning and is currently enrolled in the MIT Sustainability Strategies and Opportunities program.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

My background and experiences are aligned with the current and emerging needs of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. I want to participate by helping the coalition members and broader business community to seek new solutions to today’s biggest packaging challenges. I have a deep knowledge of ESG, biomimicry, innovation and technical product development. I previously worked with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition while working for the Jones Family of Companies. I am a passionate advocate for “do-more-good” approach to packaging design and materials development.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

Why me?

– Executive Perspective (President, Partner, Global Director) from working across multiple industries (Fibers, Textiles, Chemicals, Aerospace, Defense) – ESG/Sustainability Practitioner @ DuPont, ILC Dover, Jones Nonwovens, Eco-Chain Solutions

– Previous Board and Committee assignments across multiple industries

– Currently enrolled (MIT Sustainability certificate) in several sustainability courses

– Deep knowledge of OCC, Plastic Films, Fiber products, Starch Solutions, and emerging bioplastic technologies.