Nick Gunia


Nick Gunia is the CEO of Cleanyst, which he co-founded with his two brothers in 2015.  He has had a lifelong passion for packaging innovation and has been tinkering around with bottles and caps since he was a kid.  He leads the product development team for Cleanyst and is responsible for all aspects of sustainability at the company.

Prior to starting Cleanyst, Nick spent most of his career learning and growing his family business, K.G. International, which supplies packaging and product ingredients for the CPG industry throughout the Americas.  In 2007 he launched the company’s GreenLab to help brand owners understand and reduce the environmental footprint of their packaging and ingredients.  In recent years, Nick has grown increasingly alarmed by the problems of plastic waste and global warming and was no longer satisfied with helping his customers respond to these challenges from behind the scenes.  He and his brothers launched Cleanyst so they could engage directly with consumers and start making a difference on the front lines.

Nick earned his B.A. from Dartmouth College in 1997 and J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law in 2000.  His charitable work has been focused on sustainability and environmental education since 2006, when he co-founded, Dream in Green, a Miami-based nonprofit that is best-known for its Green Schools Challenge program, which currently serves 111 K-12 schools in the nation’s fourth largest public school district.  Nick enjoys painting, collecting contemporary art and spending time outdoors with his wife, Maria, and two boys, Gabe and Nate.