Neal Haussel

Iggesund Paperboard

Neal Haussel, Director of Strategic Business Development & Sustainability, is responsible for developing sales strategy and brand owner engagement initiatives in the Americas for Iggesund Paperboard. With over 20 years of experience in the paper industry, he now leads the company’s effort, together with his management, to substantially expand its presence and scope of operations throughout North America and into South America. Now in his 13th year at Iggesund Paperboard, Neal is focused on shifting the prevailing procurement, silo mentality, to a broader total cost of ownership paradigm and to evangelizing the value of sustainability in the business model.

With an emphasis on growth through partner collaboration and product development, and in positioning the company as a thought leader, Iggesund leverages its internal expertise and resources, and couples them with similar such resources externally to produce extraordinary innovative solutions. As a forest products company founded in 1685, Iggesund Paperboard speaks credibly to the notion that there is a sound business case for strategy based on the financial, social and environmental pillars of sustainability.