Megan Robison

Technical Project Manager I, Printpack

Megan received her Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering degree focused on Biotechnology from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015. After graduating, she worked for a masterbatch and compounding company where she led development in compostable and renewable resin masterbatches.

Megan joined Printpack in 2017, and as a Technical Project Manager, she works at the forefront of sustainable solutions development across several key markets. Megan is widely considered to be Printpack’s subject matter expert on compostable packaging development and has recently taken the lead in developing curb-side recyclable paper solutions. Megan has been involved in SPC for several years and is participating in a panel during SPC Austin. She also serves as a Dean for Printpack’s Packaging Institute.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys good bourbon, Atlanta United games, biking, and recreational soccer.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

I would like to be on the Executive Committee to continue working towards my dream to make a meaningful impact on the packaging pollution problem. I grew up on a farm where buying food in unnecessary packaging was not a typical practice. As I got older, I became passionate about recycling and reducing my environmental impact on the Earth as I moved into a city and realized how much waste my community was producing. At Georgia Tech, I chose a Biotechnology focus for my Chemical Engineering degree to learn more about sustainable production of everyday goods. I found myself drawn to the plastics industry, and ultimately packaging, because of the challenges we face. I welcome the opportunity to become a change agent by designing sustainable packaging, working with brands to achieve packaging sustainability goals, and influencing industry standards. Since 2017, I have been involved with SPC and have become a passionate member of Printpack’s Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Committee, Technical Green Team, and the subject matter expert in multiple areas of sustainable packaging. I look forward to working together to build actionable improvements for sustainable material management.