Matthew Wright


Matthew Wright is the founder & CEO of Specright, the first purpose-built platform for Specification Management. Prior to founding Specright, he spent more than 25 years in the packaging industry, holding leadership positions at International Paper, Temple Inland, and rightPAQ — a packaging company he co-founded. He has also been involved in leading multiple M&A deals in the packaging industry and sits on the Packaging Advisory Board at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

At Specright, I hear a lot about sustainability – from our customers and from previous experience across industries like packaging, beauty, CPG and manufacturing.

But I’ve noticed a common theme in these conversations: everyone agrees on sustainability as a concept, but there was very little alignment on how to make it a reality.

I believe we can close this gap. And we need to bring people together across companies to address it. That’s why I want to be on the SPC Executive Committee – to learn from others and to bring my experience in the packaging industry and today in the software industry.

The days of “acceptable” waste when it comes to packaging and the manufacturing process is over.

When I started Specright, I didn’t set out to create a sustainability platform. But I did set out change the way people think about how they make their products and packaging using specification data. Through this lens, we’ve been able to help companies benchmark current raw material usage and recyclability of packaging for example.

When I see what our customers are doing – the future is bright. And I’m excited about what’s ahead.