Malene Teller Blume

Coop DK

Malene Teller Blume has worked for Coop DK for 16 years and is responsible for Coop’s Quality for all Food and Safety program for nonfood consumer products. Malene is responsible for Coops’s Chemical Strategy and therefore is closely involved with chemicals in consumer goods, and am responsible for Coop’s approach and requirements in this important area.

Coop has a long and proud tradition of concern about harmful chemicals, and for many years it has set up requirements which go beyond the legislation. My responsibility is therefore not only to ensure that Coop meets legal requirements, but also to secure that Coop takes the necessary responsibility and covers known risks for chemicals in consumer products. This applies to both environmental and health issues.

Coop has especially focused on using the precautionary principle. For example, endocrine disruptors in chemicals have a very high priority.

In regards fluorinated compounds Coop have banned the harmful substances in all private labels, both for food contact materials, and for textiles. Coop has also banned all bisphenoles from cans and we have now found substitutions for more than 100 products of cans.