Lauren Olson

World Centric

Lauren K. Olson is a sustainability professional with experience in consulting, training, marketing, and product design. She is a seasoned program developer and facilitator, implementing research and education by involving organizations and communities to create sustainable solutions and long term initiatives. Lauren is interested in waste, consumerism, circular economy, hazardous chemical management, cradle-to-cradle design, life cycle analysis, behavioral psychology, and scientific research. Lauren holds a Master’s degree in Community Sustainability specializing in decision-making about waste, and a Bachelor of Science’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy with a specialization in Environmental Studies and Applications– both degrees from Michigan State University. Currently, she is the Zero Waste Manager for World Centric.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

As in my biography, I have a diverse background in sustainability, primarily focused on waste and the circular economy. Of particular interest might be the background in hazardous chemical management nad working at material recovery facilities. Currently, the packaging and foodservice industry is navigating the complex trade-offs and issues related to keeping all three tenants balance: performance, sustainability, and toxicity. I believe that I can bring to the board in-depth knowledge of issues faced by manufacturers of packaging. As Zero Waste Manager at World Centric, a manufacturer of compostable food service ware and consumer packaged products, we face tremendous pressure to accommodate these tensions. Additionally, awareness of sustainability has increased and consumers are requesting greater transparency into materials, life cycle assessment, and end-of-life scenarios. I believe that SPC can be a driving force to bring the industry to new horizons in packaging sustainability and I hope to help with those efforts.