Larry McIntosh

Peak of the Market

Larry McIntosh joined Peak of the Market in 1994 and under his leadership; the company has had its 25 best sales years in its 77-year history with 2018/2019 being the highest sales year ever. Peak of the Market was named one of “Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies” and one of the “Top 100 Canadian Food & Beverage Companies”. The company has also received numerous awards including the “Agri-Food Award of Excellence” and “The Red Book Business Character Award” for its high ethical trading practices, business competence and financial stability. It has also received “The People Forward Award” for its rewards, recognition and retention strategy for its staff and “The Excellence in Leadership Award” for human resource programs that have resulted in measurable benefits for its employees. In addition, the “HSBC Bank Canada Business Award” which recognizes businesses that encourage employee volunteerism and the “Canada Brand Award” for initiatives that honour the value of Canada’s brand image for respecting high standards of quality, wholesomeness and environmental protection.