Lara Botta

Vice President


Lara Botta is an entrepreneur, born in Milan, with a fully international background. An international work experience within a multinational company, between Scotland, London and Switzerland, has given her an open mindset and the urge to seek continuous innovation. Today, her commitment has led her to be the company’s VP and Chief Innovation manager at BOTTA EcoPackaging – an Italian family company providing sustainable packaging solutions. Lara has obtained various prestigious recognitions and awards for her expertise, as well as contributing in the achievement of the Company recognitions in the field of Sustainable Packaging such as TechnoVisionary Award for EcoPackaging, Sustainable Packaging Expert by the Italian Paper Recycling Body, Financial Times’ Top 100 European Digital Champion, Best Female Led SME from Entrepreneurial Association and Chamber of Commerce, & Packaging Excellence Award, Road to Green, Winning Companies Award from a banking institution. Lara is also engaged and active in the national entrepreneurial associations with various roles & is particularly committed to gender equality and is a STEM advocate.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

I strongly believe I can bring added value to the Executive Committee by bringing a different point of view and an eye to the European and Italian standards, known for being more stringent and having tackled many of the issues in sustainable packaging within their territory. Packaging is a product that travels, often far, so having insights into all the best practices from around the world in order to try and improve things for the future is a necessity. Being close to the Aticelca paper recycling certification body and the Italian paper recycling system, Comieco, could be a valuable asset. BOTTA EcoPackaging and I are committed to helping companies, also SMEs, to start their path through sustainability by adopting sustainable packaging solutions to reduce their impact on the environment so having the possibility to serve on the Executive Committee of SPC means having the possibility to be widely involved in the future of sustainable packaging.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

Having been active in many entrepreneurial and vertical trade associations, up to reaching a national VicePresidency of all young entrepreneurs and leading projects on Communication and Gender Equality, and now local Presidency of entrepreneurs in the Industrial Services leading projects in sustainability, I understand the efforts required of being part of an association at executive levels, the importance of forming lasting and professional relationships with all the members, gaining insight on members’ expectations and trying to gain their valuable competence within projects and objectives. I am sure this experience will be of great benefit and I am keen in contributing, with my vision and expertise, in order to reach the ambitious sustainable packaging goals set. SPC is the leading voice on sustainable packaging, so I would like to add my voice because I believe SPC can have a remarkable impact in the packaging realm thanks to the many companies that are members and the impact they have as a whole in the packaging sector all over the world. If one of my aims is making an impact in sustainable packaging, I believe SPC’s Executive Committee would be the best way in which to put the effort and see results at a global scale.