Krzysztof Krajewski

Packaging Sustainability Director (R&D)


Krzysztof Krajewski started his professional career in packaging twenty years ago in Poland. However, since he was born into a family of entrepreneurs and pioneers in plastics industry in 1980’s, he had an early exposure to the insights of plastics processing manufacturing as well as gaining the acumen of running a business organization. Packaging company established by his father-inventor was pioneering with one of the first recycling and compounding site in Warsaw area for recycling HDPE. Krzysztof has master’s degree at Warsaw University of Technology. Fifteen years ago, second chapter started when Krzysztof decided to explore the downstream business, joining the FMCG sector with Reckitt Benckiser. Since then his journey was filled with gaining the experience being based in 4 countries, starting with the relocation to Singapore. During his times as Regional Packaging Senior Manager East Asia he managed to develop a strong team of Packaging Development for the region. Ten years ago, he relocated back to Europe to be based in Italy/ Venice area taking the position of Cluster Packaging Manager for South European Supply, covering topics such as: cost saving initiatives, portfolio rationalization, developing a strong packaging community as well as building laboratory excellence capabilities. Then he relocated to Amsterdam HQ and joined the R&D organization as a Head of Packaging – Home assuring company innovation pipeline strives with great packaging concepts that were brought into life for brands like Finish, Air Wick, Vanish. Two years ago, as Global Director Packaging Sustainability Krzysztof created a new packaging organization within Reckitt structures that is solely concentrated on packaging sustainability, driving pipeline, company roadmaps and strategies towards its 2025/2030 environmental pledge. With his team he takes care for the regional portfolio transformation as well as mid term sustainable innovation and long-term advanced polymer science, driving circular economy with key global partners within waste management and recycling industry. He is passionate about Packaging education and collaboration. Since 2029 he is a non-profit

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

At my work but also on a personal level I am focusing on contribution to the establishment of wide Global Packaging Sustainability framework. I am passionate about education and research, gaining knowledge in the circular economy landscape which is transforming in front of our eyes. This is also the reason why I have joined NVC (Dutch Packaging Center) as Board Member in 2019 and expanding my network in various packaging forums. My current role is Global and is covering all regions including US with team spread across several continents. I am eager to understand in great detail the US sustainability directions and contribute to the change in that part of the world. Provided the Global Rules, legal and regulatory frameworks for Packaging Sustainability are in the creation phase I would like to contribute to the historical change, we are witnessing and would be honored to share my knowledge and experience with the SPC Exec Committee.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

In depth insights of FMCG and brand owner perspective on packaging sustainability operations at Reckitt, a producer of Lysol, Finish, Harpic, Air Wick, Resolve among its other brands. Packaging Development and R&D (20 yrs) experience as technical lead, manager, and regional director in several regions, Europe (Poland-Warsaw, Italy-Venice, Netherlands-Amsterdam), Asia (Singapore) after 4 global relocations and collecting insights in a multi cultural packaging development team environment. My experience in HDPE recycling collected during a green field set up in Poland as one of the first recycling repressor already in early 1990’s. Since my background started in a family business, in Blow Moulding/ Injection Moulding I have a technological heritage history created by two generations of plastic processors providing unparalleled know-how of those technologies and specifics related to this business. Before joining Reckitt, during 1998-2007 I was R&D manager and Shareholder in a plastic processor – family business (Invac Intervac SA), serving international companies with our products within packaging, automotive and technical plastic parts sectors. I can provide the links with European organizations, APR, PRE, EMF, UKPP, EUPP, OPRL etc. as well as trade partners requirements (such as Tesco, DM and other European retailers).