Kristen Davis


Kristen has more than 25-years global media experience including at the New York Times International as IT Director where she led their Innovation & Development Lab, with Ziff-Davis APN in Australia and Future Publishing in the UK.  An expert in creative business modelling, she loves using new technologies and techniques to overcome challenges and create sustainable, flexible and robust businesses.

In 2016 Kristen created, offering the experience, insight and resilience the disruption in the media industry has provided her as a service to large organisations, startups and innovation teams needing to evolve and adapt in our ever-changing world.

She is a mentor and coach at accelerators across Europe and Asia where she is known for teaching ‘How to Fail, well’. Kristen is also an external assessor for the Google Digital News Initiative Fund and chair of the US board of APOPO HeroRats that trains rats to save lives.

You can follow her @daviskris10.