Kate Davenport

Eureka Recycling

Kate Davenport is the co-president of Eureka Recycling, a zero-waste social enterprise that demonstrates zero waste as a strategy to address climate change, local economic development, and social and environmental justice. With key recycling contracts servicing the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Eureka has invested over $20 million in their MRF and recycling collections over the last 15 years. Previous to the role of co-president, Davenport was the director of business development at Eureka and led on merging Eureka’s mission and values with business development, materials marketing, and operational systems change and efficiencies.

Previous to Eureka, Kate co-developed operations for Envirelation, the first commercial organics collection service in Washington, D.C.  She worked with Flexcar and the Zipcar, the first car sharing companies in the US. Kate was a Program Director at EcoVentures International with a focus on environmental microenterprise development in East Africa, South Asia, the Caribbean, and the US.  Kate has a B.A. from Tufts University.