Kara Stoney


Kara has experience in the packaging marketplace for 7 years and has brought sustainability into every project she has worked on. She has worked on the McDonald’s transition from a foam hot cup to double wall paper, optimized McDonald’s drink cups for material savings, led environmental studies and life cycle analysis on new product launches at SC Johnson, as well as spearhead the development of the sustainability sector for her current business unit.

She has lead national and global rollouts of new packaging with companies including Havi Global Solutions and SC Johnson. Kara has had experience in both a technical and commercial roll and is currently leading the sustainability strategy with her current company, Bostik.

She holds a Package Engineering degree from Michigan State University.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

Within my current position, I have taken on the role of educating current customers as well as internal peers on the importance and role sustainability can take within packaging. I would like to be able to take that to a broader scale and help companies navigate the complexities sustainability can have when it comes to deciding on which option is best for their package type while aligning to their company’s long-term goals. I have had a passion for sustainability after starting my first internship at Havi. I realized the small changes you can make within a package that generate an enormous difference not only on the environment but also can help lead other companies to make these changes as well. Small changes help, but right now we need to come together to find new ways for sustainable end of life solutions and continued infrastructure growth. With this role, I’d be able to take a more holistic approach and be a neutral party to bring CPG companies together to develop real solutions while advocating for sustainable packaging.