Julie Tasche

Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete’s is a Colorado-based, fast-casual restaurant company aiming to create an atmosphere that celebrates individuality and relaxed human connection. Restaurants are designed and staff trained to support this vision by way of serving high-quality burritos, tacos, margaritas, and local drafts all hours of the day. While Pete’s makes customer service and product quality priorities, their vision calls for transcendence past the transactional, fast-casual format. Recognizing the interconnectedness of their key stakeholders—Crew, Customer, and Community—Pete’s challenges common conceptions of the industry through things like completing a Living Wage initiative (raising each employee up to a starting wage of $15 + benefits), entering the public arena to lobby for employee-centric policy changes, initiating a sustainability program to continually reduce their carbon footprint, and starting a record label (Greater Than Collective). 

Coming from a burrito-rolling and catering-running background, Julie infuses her conception of Illegal Pete’s’ operations and objectives, organizational culture, and community focus to live out Pete’s vision. Julie supports and initiates programs that work to support their stakeholders, drawing on key values of individuality, self-care, connection, and celebration to guide her efforts.

Julie is a Lincoln Park, Chicago native who originally moved out to Colorado seeking an education and a deeper connection to her natural environment. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from CU Boulder and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at CU Boulder. When not working or studying, she spends her free time practicing yoga and exploring the city and mountains alike.