Joaquin Mariel

Balcones Resources

Joaquin Mariel is the Vice President of Operations for Balcones Resources. His mission and passion in this role is maintaining best-in-class recycling facilities that prioritize the safety and satisfaction of its employees while manufacturing high-quality recycled commodities that mills and secondary processors around the world have come to depend on. 

Before coming to Balcones, Joaquin was the Executive Director of the historic Central Texas nonprofit, Ecology Action of Texas. His efforts there led to increased access to recycling opportunities for Austin’s residents and an expanded awareness of the importance of recycling and other landfill diversion activities across the state.

Joaquin is an Alumni of the University of Texas where he received a BA in English. He is also an avid rugby player and coach, helping to develop young athletes and future “ruggers” for the Austin-based Huns Rugby Club. Joaquin’s favorite activities are spending time in the kitchen or experiencing the outdoors with his two sons.