Jimmy Shah

Sr. R&D Engineer


Jimmy Shah is a Sr. R&D Engineer at ICPG and Impact group. He began his career with Impact Plastics as Extrusion Process Engineer and today is an integral part of the research and innovation team. Jimmy’s expertise lies in sheet extrusion, raw material formulation and costing for multi-layer high barrier and non-barrier food, medical, and automotive, and electronics packaging applications with a focus on optimization of product using sustainable material resources for new product and process development from the concept phase to the commercialization for thermoforming and form fill seal processes.

Jimmy is an active member for Society of Plastics Engineering (SPE) and serves as a Chair for Young Professionals Committee (YPC) by SPE that helps connect young professionals to industry veterans. Jimmy holds a Master’s of Science in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he received the Graduate Student of the Year award and also received certifications in Plastics Design and Plastics Materials. He has achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Polymer/Plastics Engineering from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

Jimmy lives in North Carolina and in his spare time enjoys kayaking, reading, hiking, and traveling to the beach or mountain with friends.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

I strongly believe that sustainability starts from within, and I am fascinated with SPC’s mission to make packaging more sustainable. In this world, we are a package and physically, mentally, and virtually pursue and change the world we live in by our positive and negative mindset and impact on this society. By serving on EC and working for that mission with that mindset, I think I will be able to give something meaningful back to the community that I care about. It is quite surprising to see how food companies and CPG’s and associated converters have a goal to be more sustainable but the medical device and packaging segment moves slowly considering the long supply chain or validation time. As a primary converter, I’ve always put a sustainable material and or design solution as a primary goal for all the projects be it food, medical, or custom packaging application. At the same time, I have worked very closely to get students and young professionals to get involved to collaborate and adapt to changes in consumer needs/desires by learning from industry experts through the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) as ultimately, they are the future leader for this industry. If given the opportunity, I would love to bring that knowledge and experience to serve on this committee and help facilitate the next generation of the plastics world that understands and says YES to Plastics.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

I have always been an enthusiast, committed, and passionate about the work I do. As a full-time, Sr. R&D Engineer at ICPG, a primary converter of thermoplastics roll stock for thermoforming and FFS applications exclusively dedicated to sustainable food packaging. I feel my work experience and learning as a primary converter and being a bridge to resin suppliers and secondary converters (small, medium to large thermoforming companies) and brand owner-CPGs (global food brands) helps me understand the market and supply chain such that will provide the EC with a perspective of a medium corporation to develop and enact policies and programs that support the circular economy at all levels. ICPG is also committed to the cause and this support allows me with the time and cost associated with this level of participation. Also, with my involvement in SPE’s Young Professionals Committee (YPC) where I have also planned, hosted, co-hosted several technical and non-technical events for better outreach. This exposure allows me to reach and tap into greater plastics and polymer resources that will help SPC get a broad spectrum of perspectives and make well-educated decisions for SPC. My ultimate goal is to help build a strong and sustainable environment that is innovative, safe, and economical.