Jeremy Mowery

Head of Brand Owner Collaboration


Jeremy started his career with WestRock leading packaging design/R&D supporting the global business and all BU’s with focus on plastic and paper packaging. From here he moved into a focus on Innovation, specifically tackling and identifying new technologies that provide sustainable solutions to problems in the market (most notably the reduction of plastic based packaging using the substitution of paper). Jeremy continued his career over the next 5 years working for Evergreen Packaging and Avery Dennison and was directly responsible for growing Innovation and Sustainability. Most noteworthy achievements was launching bio based plastics into beverage and liquid packaging for cup and carton applications as well as launching global programs to replace close to 1 billion virgin plastic bags with post industrial recycled plastic bags. Jeremy spent the next 2 years with Veritiv leading operations for Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago and responsible for defining and reporting the packaging Sustainability Development Goals for the $2 billion dollar business unit. Jeremy has been with Siegwerk for the past year and is now responsible for Innovation & Business Development / collaborating across the value chain / working with Brand Owners to solve sustainability problems on large scale.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

I have been passionate about all aspects of packaging sustainability for close to 20 years now. It would be an honor to bring my skills, knowledge, and know how to this Executive Committee; in an effort to bring awareness to challenging sustainability topics, provide perspective from my experience in the value chain (ink and coating manufacturing), and lobby for collaboration and change in the industry. I have been a part of the evolution of sustainable packaging over the years and I believe we are finally at a tipping point to make substantial differences. Being a part of this committee would also bring me great joy knowing that I can contribute, with my peers, to steering and shaping; discussion, awareness, regulation, and legislation.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

Besides passion and energy around packaging sustainability, I would be able to contribute my knowledge of almost 20 years across the value chain in material manufacturing, converting, commercialization, and consumer insights. I have also been fortunate to serve in global roles which gives me a certain sensitivity regarding supply chain and varying regional priorities. I believe I would offer a unique perspective and approach around integration of new sustainable materials and rely on my open innovation / collaboration experience to drive discussion on how to best tackle difficult and complex topics. I have been fortunate to work closely across a wide array of materials, both paper and plastic, rigid and flexible, as well as deep exposure to all printing and converting. Working closely with brand owners has also given me perspective and respect for brand identity and the consumer experience.