Jay Crespo

Staff Packaging Engineer - Sustainability


Jay is currently a Staff Packaging Engineer within the Device Packaging Experience organization at Amazon Lab126 where he advocates and leads strategic and tactical packaging sustainability initiatives aligned with Amazon’s Climate pledge. He holds multiple packaging related patents and co-invented a recyclable, paper-based cooler (Patent # 9,139,319) during his time within the Life Science industry. Jay also serves on the Cal Poly Packaging Advisory Board where he participates in student mentorship and career advising. Upon graduation from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Jay experienced the growth of Silicon Valley first-hand working in Consumer Electronics, Medical Device, Consumer Hardlines and Life Science packaging industries. He has held various leadership and individual contributor roles and enjoys delighting customers with quality driven, technical and practical solutions. Jay is a father of three and part of a parenting duo that promotes diversity, empathy and gratitude. He enjoys playing music, the outdoors, sports and developing and creating tech-based, coaching and training tools. Jay feels sustainability has and always will be an integral part of all packaging industry roles.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

Serving on the SPC Executive Committee will allow me to further contribute, learn and help affect the change needed to accelerate packaging related sustainability initiatives and goals. In addition to my Packaging Sustainability leadership role within Lab126, I believe experience as an engineer and individual contributor could be valuable and provide diverse perspectives regarding recommendations and issues related to SPC’s overall goals and initiatives. Over the past year, my role has allowed me the opportunity to integrate and utilize SPC influenced resources such as the COMPASS LCA tool and How2Recycle to measure and assess our sustainability driven packaging initiatives. The ability to learn from like-minded, sustainability focused, industry professionals and contribute back to the to the packaging industry motivates me to serve.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

The Packaging Sustainability movement has accelerated within the consumer electronics industry and beyond over the past few years. Companies have established commitments to actively and significantly de-carbonize operations and products. Being afforded the privilege to lead packaging initiatives, develop strategies and implement solutions allows me to provide both a hands-on, tactical and strategic perspectives when influencing SPC goals and initiatives. My primary interests are promoting initiatives that increase packaging material recoverability, reduce reliance on virgin materials and non-renewable resources, increasing the accuracy of packaging LCAs and providing equitable opportunities for all to participate and benefit from.