Ionut Georgescu

End of Waste Foundation

Ionut is the Founder & Chief Evangelist End of Waste Foundation where he is committed to help reverse global warming through waste management by changing the way people and organizations see and deal with waste as value. Using a Blockchain Waste Traceability Software, End of Waste Foundation creates a Sustainability Technology Platform to help citizens and companies champion their sustainability – by changing the destination of trash from landfill to reuse and recycling.

Company first objective – up to 80% Reuse & Recycling Rate for Glass in the United States till 2030.

Born in Romania, an Eastern European country under Communism, he followed his dream to help his country and people to strive and grow. Recalling his people rationing and reusing everything, a culture of waste consciousness was the norm. “A World that Works for Everyone” – how can we have the economic growth that we want without damaging our Planet, our environment and the future of our kids?

In 2005, after his first child born, Ionut decided to make a huge change in his life after 10 years of entrepreneurship and work in marketing and management – by changing our relationship with waste, we will fundamentally change the world that we live in for the better, not for us, but for our children. He started the Green Planet Association in Romania and bring new concepts and projects in his country as Keep Romania Beautiful, Clean a Street and a River and many others. In 2009, Ionut opened the first Waste Museum in Europe and travel with it for many years in Romania and Brussels. Between 2010 and 2013, Ionut accepted the challenge to change the waste management system from a decision position being Waste Director for Romanian Environment Ministry and European Commission member and he was fortunate to be Chief of Staff of UNEP CSD 19 Program.

Starting 2013 he turns back to his entrepreneur life and launched Fwei ( as a group of companies dedicated to waste and recycling and also to help young Romanian entrepreneurs to strive and change their country default context. Yearly, through his system and companies, he manages more than 400,000 tons of packaging for clients as Lidl, PepsiCo, Asahi, Heineken, Kaufland, Metro, and many others and recycles 65% of their packaging.

In 2017 Ionut moved to California and founded the End of Waste Foundation in 2018 to collectively contribute to the reversal of our climate crisis by increasing recycling and investing in a circular economy that engages the world in the shared responsibility of waste management. The foundation helps conscious organizations and consumer reach their goals and objective of sustainability by boosting recycling through technology.

“I never considered myself a patriot. I like to think I recognize only humanity as my nation.” – Issac Asimov