Greg Wool

EREMA North America

Greg is the VP/Sales at EREMA North America, the leading supplier of plastic recycling systems since their establishment in 1983. He comes to this role after 15 years of experience in the thin-wall packaging sector as a supplier of high performance injection molding machines. 

Continued growth at EREMA over the years has been realized through a thorough understanding of customer requirements and the development of equipment that provides maximum throughput with optimized energy efficiency.  The current focus is to build on our success in the market by fully promoting the concept of a Circular Economy through demonstrations of our capability to process a wide variety of polymers into high quality raw materials for re-use in multiple applications.  Our Technical Center in Ipswich, MA offers the ability to run trials on our equipment in order to validate these processes and the resulting recycled product.  Through this process, it truly allows us to “Close the Loop” and make plastic recycling efficient and profitable.