Greg Janson


Greg Janson is the CEO of QRS Inc. and Re-Poly LLC and co-founder and board member of Evertrak LLC. QRS and Re-Poly process large volumes of mixed, post-consumer plastic into high quality, resin specific flake and regrind. Evertrak manufactures the world’s strongest composite rail ties made from recycled plastic and glass fiber. Re-Poly is the exclusive supplier of plastic to Evertrak.

Greg literally grew up in the recycling industry working for his father’s company from a young age. Following his graduation from Purdue University Greg spent 8 years as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps before returning to the family business in 1998. Greg has spent the last 21 years leading QRS. He has hands-on experience designing, constructing, and operating large, single-stream MRFs and regional plastic recovery facilities as well as in the vertical integration of post-consumer plastic into finished products.

Greg currently serves as an APR Board member and also serves on the Rigids Committee, MRF Sub-committee, and PCR Certification sub-committee. He also represents QRS, Re-Poly, and Evertrak with the ACC’s Film and Flexible Recycling Group. Greg lives in St. Louis with his wife, Jennifer, and six children.