George D’Urso

Director, Fiber Sustainability


George D’Urso is the Director of Fiber Sustainability, and he is responsible for managing WestRock’s fiber certification efforts globally. He has more than 30 years in the forest products industry. George has served in various quality, technical and operational roles throughout the industry ranging for product development and managing package testing labs to directing global fiber sustainability programs. He has been involved with the SPC since its inception and has participated in numerous projects and working groups. George is currently an active member the SPC forest products working group.

George earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Rutgers University and has been a sustainability practitioner since 2005. George participated, as an invited industry subject matter expert, on Walmart’s first Sustainable Value Network for Packaging helping to develop the original Walmart Sustainable Packaging scorecard. George currently is a member of various industry trade association and forestry standards working groups.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

With over thirty years in the packaging industry, I have a breath of experience that spans many substrates, markets, and industries. In my current role at WestRock I interact with virtually all the global consumer brands and have a keen awareness of the challenges and pressures brands are under to provide responsibly sourced sustainable packaging that support a circular economy. I have been involved with the SPC as a member and through work on various working groups and now would like to expand that to being part of the executive committee. In today’s market packaging is front and center as a key element to the circular economy. WestRock’s diverse portfolio of products and capabilities supports the circular economy like few other organizations and my experience within WestRock works well to compliment a position on the Executive Committee.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

Overall, I think I would contribute 30 years of industry experience but specifically I would contribute the institutional knowledge and resources of a global fiber-based packaging manufacturer that would benefit the current board.