Gary Panknin

Sustainability Officer at PakTech leading development of the strategic direction on corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship to assure compliance with environmental regulations while working to reduce the total environmental impact of PakTech operations. Serving as the primary spokesperson on quality, sustainability, and regulatory compliance driving and coordinating all initiatives, both internally and externally, related to environmental sustainability. Business professional with a degree in Business Administration serving in numerous management roles with over 25 years in the plastics industry.


2018 SPC Executive Committee Election

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

To be a part of an association who is striving to make a difference on the environment by addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable packaging. To be a voice and partner in the decision making and development of business cases which promote sustainable practices through the use and reuse of recycled materials within the plastics industry.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

My knowledge and skills acquired during the development and use of 100% recycled plastic in our packaging products along with life passion for a sustainable environment. My 25+ years in the plastics industry associated with skills acquired through research and interactions with MRF’s and preprocessor’s of post-consumer plastics, enables me to identify with the technology and infrastructure needed to promote best practices in the plastics industry. My desire to bring sustainable practices to the forefront and help promote a sustainable materials economy.