Garry Kohl


Garry Kohl is PepsiCo’s Sr. Director of R&D accountable for Global Packaging Technology/Design & Environmental Sustainability across PepsiCo’s Snacks and Nutrition Categories. In his role, Mr. Kohl oversees new developments in designing packaging materials and machinery for global PepsiCo. This includes bio-based materials, lowering carbon footprint and design for recovery. Consumer focused, to capture competitive advantage and drive PepsiCo’s businesses forward. Garry’s an industry Packaging Professional with over 29 years of diversified Packaging leadership and experience in fresh, frozen, shelf stable foods and ambient/refrigerated beverage products. Granted thirty United States Utility Patents and two Design Patents. Recognized with PepsiCo Chairman’s awards in 2003 and 2007. Globally connected conducting business in 30 countries for PepsiCo.