Francesca Favorini-Csorba

The Forest Trust

Francesca is a Member Manager at The Forest Trust (TFT), where she partners with Chief Sustainability Officers and other company leaders as they develop and implement responsible sourcing programs. TFT was founded in 1999 with the mission to make business a force for harmony between people and nature. Working in palm oil, pulp and paper, rubber, stone, biomass, and other commodity supply chains, TFT’s goal is to encourage brands, traders, and producers to catalyze industry-wide chain reactions and improve production practices at the field, forest, and farm levels.

In her time at TFT, Francesca has worked with brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, The Clorox Company, The Hershey Company, as well as upstream companies, including Enviva, the largest producer of wood pellets around the world. Francesca provides strategic guidance for companies working to ensure that their global supply chains reach a high standard of responsible production. In addition to providing technical expertise on responsible forestry and agriculture practices, Francesca’s main role is as a coach, creative problem solver, and organizational change-maker.

Francesca previously worked at Sustainalytics, a leading provider of ESG and Corporate Governance research and ratings to investors. She has a Joint Master Degree of Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management from the Central European University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Ethics from the University of Toronto.