Edward Kosior

Nextek Ltd

Overall management of business and responsibility for Nextek’s research and development activities. Recent activities have included strategic advice and consulting to Fortune 500 organizations on end of life options for packaging wastes as well as complex materials.

Projects delivered have included:

  • UK – Development of a food grade PP recycling process and large scale trials
  • Switzerland – Strategic advice and options for using recycled materials in branded products
  • Australia and New Zealand– Design and commissioning a large new plastic recycling facilities
  • USA- Re-design of large scale PET recycling facility to increase output and quality targets
  • UK – Design of recycling plant for the recovery of post consumer films plastics shopping bags
  • Canada – Best practice in collection and reprocessing of post-consumer plastic films
  • UK – Development of detectable black colourants for automatic sorting of plastics packaging
  • UK – Development of fluorescent markers for the high speed sorting of post consumer plastics packaging