David Nelson


I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Packaging Science (1985). After college I took a position as a Packaging Engineer with Douglas Aircraft Company (now Boeing Aircraft) where I worked at specifying and engineering packaging for Spare and Repair parts for the commercial aircraft they manufactured. I also worked in the Integrated Logistics Support team when the Military C‐17 Cargo Aircraft was in the Design and Development phase. After leaving Douglass Aircraft in 1991, I took a position with Western Industries Corporation in Oklahoma City, OK. While at Western Industries I engineered cushioned packaging systems for items ranging from computer hard drives to electronic medical devices to paycheck processing equipment. In 1994, I accepted a position with the FedEx Packaging Design and Development department. I have been with FedEx for the past 24 years where I have tested and engineered packaging for a hundreds of different products shipped via FedEx. During my tenure, I have focused more on the Temperature Sensitive aspects of shipping in the FedEx networks.