David Brabham

Sustainability Strategy Director


David is one of those fortunate individuals who turns a passion into a successful career. The path to his role as Director of Sustainability Strategy at Georgia-Pacific began at age 8 when he signed a pledge committing to aluminium can recycling for a cleaner, more beautiful world and to teach friends and family not to litter and to recycle all they can. His continues to live this commitment, which has expanded well beyond aluminium. His passion, knowledge, and understanding combine to uniquely position him to work across the company as well as with customers and stakeholders to build mutually beneficial relationships. In this role, he aligns business priorities with those of customers to effectively manage resources, reduce environmental impacts, and seeks innovative solutions that benefit customers, communities where we operate, the company, its employees, and society. David earned a bachelor’s degree in natural resources management from the Ohio State University and a master’s degree in business administration from Kennesaw State University. Outside of work he is passionate in his dedication to family and ultradistance running. Along with his wife and two sons, he spends as much time as possible outdoors either camping, hiking, or playing sports.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

Georgia-Pacific has been a long-time member of SPC with engagement from both the packaging and consumer products businesses. We have shared objectives in bringing stakeholders together to drive actionable improvements and be an authoritative voice on packaging sustainability. Sustainable packaging is something people value and the desire for more options is increasing at a pace never seen before. My participation on the executive committee will represent a voice within the paper packaging industry as an important part of the supply chain and significant contributor to sustainable packaging initiatives.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

In my role at Georgia-Pacific, I interact daily with a variety of leaders and team members across the packaging and other paper-fiber based businesses, as well as with customers and outside organizations. This high level of broad engagement allows me to contribute diverse perspectives that will help SPC and participating members bring forward informed and thoughtful solutions that meet the needs and expectations of various stakeholders. In addition to my professional role, I have a personal passion to play an active role in developing and implementing solutions that ensure responsible use of our natural resources and promote sustainable practices among businesses and consumers.