Daryn Ogilvie

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Daryn Ogilvie is the Paper & Packaging Purchasing Manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill, and is responsible for corporate-wide procurement of non-food disposables for all retail locations. Daryn joined Chipotle in February of 2012, following Chipotle’s decision to bring this buying function in-house. She has 14 years of purchasing experience in the restaurant and real estate development industries, and is driven by her passion to reduce waste and find innovative solutions. At Chipotle, Daryn leads efforts to right-size the company’s packaging, adjust case counts to reduce annual truckloads and fuel consumption, increase recycled and compostable content, and introduce environmentally and cost-driven R&D material and design specification changes. Although Chipotle’s product demand has grown enormously, from approximately 40 SKUs to more than 200, including procurement for both domestic and international locations for Chipotle and its subsidiary concepts, Daryn has reduced costs significantly, lowered sole-supply risk (by nearly tripling Chipotle’s packaging supply network), reduced lead times for new product launches, optimized supply lanes, and introduced proprietary packaging designs to improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Working closely with the teams focused on environmental impact, finance, marketing, quality assurance, operations, and logistics, she and her associate pursue their vision of minimizing waste while building brand loyalty and integrity through innovative packaging and design.

Daryn graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business with degrees in General Business and Marketing.