Christine Liu

Cisco Systems

Christine currently works at Cisco Systems as a Sustainable Packaging Program Manager, where she leads the Make it Green program. The Make it Green program brings together various supply chain functions to drive sustainable material innovations, waste reduction, and packaging optimization projects as a means to reduce carbon footprint and business costs. She is also the global lead for the Cisco Green Team Network, an employee resource organization which drives environmental awareness and encourages teams to start green initiatives in their office buildings.

Since 2015, Christine has committed to living a zero waste lifestyle — her noncompostable and nonrecycable waste from the past 1.5 years can fit into a 12 oz. mason jar. It was from a packaging background and a year long-fellowship with a social entrepreneurship program called the DO School that she was inspired to live with little waste. Apart from her job at Cisco, she continues to create content for her blog, Snapshots of Simplicity, inspiring her followers to live more simply and sustainably, and also organizes a Zero Waste Silicon Valley meetup group to help mobilize community members to drive change in the way we waste.