Chris Lancette


Packaging Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance Manager

I grew up on a crop farm in rural Wisconsin and learned to appreciate the earth at a young age. I am also the ninth out of ten children and I learned to be content with what I had, that nothing is free in life and that you reap what you sow. I have a BS Degree in Packaging from the University of Wisconsin Stout and a Masters in Manufacturing from the University of St. Thomas. My entire career has been in Packaging. Past employment includes Unisys, a mainframe computer manufacturer, along with Ecolab, a chemical cleaning and sanitizing company. The last 15 years have been with 3M, of which the past two as Packaging Compliance and Sustainability leader. I am married and have 4 adult children and three grandchildren. Besides enjoying my work and family I also enjoy rolling prairies, health fitness, volunteering and history.