Camille Herrera


As the Packaging Development & Sustainability Manager for Driscoll’s of the Americas, Camille guides packaging sustainability with a life cycle perspective. Leading the Recover and Recycle Track, including establishing a supply chain to close the loop on PET clamshell recycling, she also evaluates alternative packaging materials and packaging-related legislation. Before Driscoll’s, Camille consulted on waste management and transportation programs, specializing in community-based social marketing, data collection and analysis, working with clients like the City of Santa Clara and SCS Engineers. Camille earned a Master of Environmental Science and Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In partnership with Patagonia, she evaluated the GHG emissions of alternative apparel materials against conventional ones to determine replacements to reduce emissions.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

With my multi-industry experience, I can contribute my skills to further the SPC Executive Committee’s objectives. At Driscoll’s, I interact with the functionality of all packaging, primary to tertiary, as knowing how material and form affect each step of operations is critical. Working in waste management, commercial and residential, I know the challenges and opportunities a package faces at end-of-life. Utilizing my consulting communications experience, I know what it takes to conduct effective outreach and relationship-building.

My current work and past experiences allow me to have a bird’s eye view across all the functions and roles that interact with packaging, from the current and historical landscape, which would support the Executive Committee in providing strategic guidance on SPC activities. The work I lead day-to-day means I can provide perspective and expertise on industry trends and packaging sustainability issues. Given the benefits I, and Driscoll’s, have received from joining the SPC, it would be my pleasure to serve as an ambassador and use my communication skills to raise awareness, growth, and participation. Thank you for your consideration.