Brandi Parker


Brandi Parker is the Head of Realization at Pearlfisher New York. For over 18 years, she’s solved brand problems and brought creativity to life. With a thorough understanding of production across a range of print types and presses, combined with her knowledge of materials, substrates and finishes, Brandi advises and guides the way to producible ideas.

Brandi offers innovation grounded in practicality. She challenges designers to think about the end game and encourages vendors to not solve problems based on ease, but rather aesthetic impact. A quick-witted, multi-faceted Southerner, Brandi is an invaluable part of every team she joins.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

Through the diversity of minds both on the SPC Executive Committee and the broader membership, new ways of working are realistic.

We often talk in the design world about disrupting – shifting the paradigm and breaking through. What if shifting the paradigm is actually embracing the paradigm? Is the new disruption, designing in concert with nature?

What if we started a new era of regenerative design; a process by which we don’t design in isolation — of processes, materials, lifecycle and, most importantly, in isolation of nature at-large? When I envision what this looks like, I picture a process that embraces a diversity of solutions and of possibilities and people involved. In doing so, we can expand our selection of materials, encouraging diversity in supply chain and sources, making sure we’re not depleting any one resource. To ensure the future of design is multi-disciplinary, and that it does not remain a monoculture, more consortiums, knowledge-shares, open-source efforts will be critical.

Every generation has a defining moment, this is ours. We’ve been forced to take pause this year and now we need to look at how we reset and reimagine the way we design for our future.