Brian Bauer


Brian Bauer leads circular economy and alliances at Algramo. Our mission is to catalyze reusable packaging systems on a globally significant scale. With Algramo’s network of 2,000+ convenience stores and packaging reuse rates over 80%, Algramo caught the attention of brands like Unilever, Nestle and others keen to explore reusable packaging. With our brand partners, we co-develop technology like Packaging as a Wallet (PaaW), that communicates with IoT connected vending machines. We enable exceptional security, product traceability and convenience. With our distribution system, Unilever sells their laundry detergent for 30% below supermarket prices. Algramo’s newest project is creating its flagship store that will be the logistics hub for a fleet of electric tricycles. Our store eliminates the need for cash and single use packaging. If your brand is keen to be a leader and help catalyze reusable packaging with minimized product costs and maximized convenience, let’s talk!