Arno Melchior

Global Packaging Director, Reckitt Benckiser

I started as a Mechanical Engineer with GM in Germany developing underbodies for cars. My career in Packaging started in 1988 with Merck. When Germany introduced the Packaging legislation in 1991 I joined Reckitt & Colman to start their Packaging Development Department. This was also the start of my Sustainability journey. I later moved to France to work as European Packaging Manager before I joined Benckiser. Shortly afterwards Reckitt and Benckiser merged and for four years I ran a Global program to harmonise and optimise their Packaging.

In 2004 I took over my current position and moved to Slough, UK where I am still based.

I am the chair of the Packaging Task Force of A.I.S.E. (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products) and I hold the same role at the German Detergents and Cosmetics Manufacturers Association.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

Sustainability is my passion and if my grandchildren will ask me what I have done for the planet I want to tell them with pride what I have achieved

In 1991 I joined the German Green Dot system for R&C and started immediately with a source reduction program (lightweighting) followed by a PVC removal program in 1992. I visited my first MRF’s in 1993 when I carried out a aerosol residue study for the German Aerosol Association. The result was that aerosol cans could remain in the household collection scheme. In 2004 I did a project together with WRAP, Altair, PIRA and Alpla to establish the use of Design software to support the lightweighting of EBM-bottles. This project helped to establish blow-moulding and top-load testing software. In 2004 I started a global PVC removal and by 2008 all PVC bottles, clamshells and foils had been replaced.

In 2006 when hardly anyone was interested in Recycling RB funded RECOUP’s Design for Recycling guideline. I contributed to the content and was the chairman of the steering committee. for the first two editions.

I would like to bring my 28 years of global experience to the Executive Committee in order to contribute to the success of SPC.