Anna Posacka

Ocean Wise

Anna joined Ocean Wise in Jan 2018. She is the Research Manager of the Plastics Lab, a multi-partner research team conducting lab- and field-based studies on the sources, pathways, fate and impacts of microplastics in the ocean. Her past research was focused on instrumental analysis and cycling of trace level elements and contaminants in aquatic systems. She holds a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of British Columbia where she investigated copper biogeochemical cycle in the Northeast Pacific Ocean and trace metal nutrition of marine microbes. Prior to her time in Canada, she studied the role of sunlight in degrading pharmaceuticals in environmental waters and their toxicological effects as a part of her M.Sc. in Applied Marine Science at Plymouth University, UK.

Areas of expertise

  • Microplastic research
  • Marine metal biogeochemistry
  • Marine chemistry and ecology
  • Oceanography and ecology of the Northeast Pacific