Anh Marella

Marketing Director, Film Product Line Team


Anh is currently the Films Product Line Director for the Avery Dennison Label and Graphic Materials business. Her team manages the portfolio of pressure sensitive materials that are used to decorate packages in the primary consumer packaged goods segments such home/personal care, food, beverage and Pharma OTC. Anh has a passion for sustainability. She is committed to delivering products to the industry that 1) enable broad recyclability of plastics, 2) introduce renewable inputs into our filmic materials and chemicals and 3) incorporate eco-design at all stages of the development process. She also understands that collaboration and system solutions are required to drive a circular economy in the materials that her products decorate. Prior to Avery Dennison, she worked 18 years at GE Lighting in R&D, Supply Chain and Product Management. From designing cost-effective, energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs early in her career, to working with Wal-Mart to ensure they met their commitment to sell 100 million compact fluorescent light bulbs in 2007 or launching the first-ever Energy Star certified LED light bulb in NA, sustainability has always been a part of her passion and work.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

I believe in our collective responsibility to sustain the planet for each other and future generations. Decisions we make today will have a long term impact on the planet. We all can make a difference each and every day individually. What I find exciting about being on the Executive Committee is the potential of our one voice and collaboration to do good in this industry. I want to learn, provide my perspective and lead change to a more sustainable world

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

I believe my broad 25 year business experience in R&D, Ops and Marketing will provide a unique perspective to the board. I will also be an excellent representative for a part of the packaging decoration space that is currently not represented on the SPC Executive Committee.