An Vossen


An Vossen was already at the cradle of Plarebel in 1996, a non-profit organisation that is the reference in Belgium for anyone looking for information, advice and guidance on all aspects of circular plastics, including circular design and effective recycling. An is also active in several European industry associations and initiatives, and is constantly looking for new opportunities to respond to the many challenges in the transition towards a circular economy for all plastics. An early passion for plastic recycling has become a lifelong pursuit to enable a circular economy for plastics; driven by the evolving relationship between people and planet, she proudly carries the art of recycling in her heart!

For more than 20 years, she has been building expertise and extending her network, whilst supporting and advising on plastic recycling. In 2018 she launched a new future trajectory for Plarebel to expand their product portfolio beyond the scope of household plastic packaging waste. Today Plarebel profiles itself as the Belgian catalyst for the circular value chain for plastics.