Alyssa Harben

Project Manager, SPC

Alyssa Harben is a Project Manager for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Alyssa joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition in 2021 after 6 years of conducting packaging research and teaching undergraduates at Michigan State University’s School of Packaging. Alyssa received her PhD in Packaging from Michigan State University in 2021, in addition to her Master’s of Packaging Science (Michigan State University, 2017), and Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (California Polytechnic State University, 2015). Her love of packaging and a desire to continue to teach and use research to support more sustainable packaging systems brought her to GreenBlue. When she’s not trying to save the world, you can find Alyssa knitting at her local yarn store, exercising outdoors, or diving into art and history at a museum. 

What is your why?

It is a privilege to work in a field that touches every home, every workplace, and every retail environment. Packaging is ubiquitous and reflects so much of our culture and values back at us through its designs and materials. With the privilege of touching so many people and places comes the responsibility to make better packaging by increasing accessibility and utility and decreasing waste and emissions.