Alexei Kazakov

NOVA Chemicals

Alexei Kazakov is Downstream Market Researcher in NOVA Chemicals’ polyethylene business. In his role, Alexei focuses on identifying opportunities for new and improved food processing and packaging technologies and their implications for package performance, with the aim to reduce food waste, extend product shelf life, and enhance package recyclability. In addition, he provides marketing support to the company’s flexible food packaging applications development through internal R&D and external customer project work. Alexei joined NOVA Chemicals in 1991 and has expertise in materials science and testing, business operations, market research, innovation management, and product development from bench scale to commercial operations. He has a Master’s Degree in Physics from the Federal University of Kazan, Russia. In 2017 Alexei was a recipient of the Innovator Award presented by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association for their work on the All PE Stand-up Pouch, an innovation in recyclable packaging.