Abby Duffield

Project Manager, How2Recycle

Abby joined GreenBlue in 2019, joining the How2Recycle team as a Project Manager. Abby brings with her a background as unique as her interests: a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Towson University, MD (with a focus on food deserts and sustainability), skills in technology, marketing, and design, as well as experience from the world of logistics, international shipping, and e-commerce from previously working for a freight forwarder and Customs broker in the port of Baltimore. On a constant mission to learn more about the world around us and each amazing facet, Abby has a voracious desire for knowledge and is naturally curious, using the discovered information to look at the intersectionality of environmentalism in business today.

In her free time, Abby is a roller derby referee that travels all over to officiate the growing sport, including our hometown league in Charlottesville. Beyond that, Abby can be found cooking, reading, gardening, or out on a walk with her dogs.