The Essentials of Chemical Recycling Feb. 13

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In case you missed this webinar on January 9, 2020, we are conducting this same webinar so more people may have the opportunity to attend and learn from this live presentation of our chemical recycling ESP course.

The Essentials of Chemical Recycling is an introduction to the emerging chemical recycling technologies for plastics, with insights into how these technologies intersect with packaging and the mechanical recycling system.

Join Elizabeth Ritch, Project Manager, CleanGredients at GreenBlue to:

  • review the basics of polymer chemistry
  • explore purification, decomposition, and conversion technologies
  • examine the challenges and opportunities involved with scaling up chemical recycling technologies
  • look at how chemical recycling fits with current infrastructure and regulatory frameworks
  • discover key takeaways to enable you to engage with these emerging technologies

This course is part of our Essentials of Sustainable Packaging course series that launched on our learning platform in January 2020.

Note: This is a 2 hour webinar.

Elizabeth Ritch
Moderator & Project Manager, CleanGredients at GreenBlue

Elizabeth Ritch is a project manager at GreenBlue, where she manages CleanGredients, a database of market-ready chemical ingredients meeting EPA’s Safer Choice standard, and has worked to develop content on chemical recycling and material health for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Essentials of Sustainable Packaging courses.  Prior to joining GreenBlue in 2016, she worked with Ramboll Environ as an environmental consultant helping companies evaluate environmental risks in the context of business transactions, providing litigation support related to soil and groundwater contamination issues, and assessing compliance with environmental regulations. Elizabeth holds a BA in Environmental Thought and Practice and Physics from the University of Virginia.

Olga Kachook
Moderator & Project Manager, SPC at GreenBlue

Olga Kachook is a Project Manager at GreenBlue, where she leads the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging courses and the Composting Collaborative. Her background includes expertise in compostable materials and packaging, zero waste facility certification, life cycle analysis, and sustainable materials management. Prior to joining GreenBlue, she led corporate sustainability and waste initiatives at World Centric, Etsy, Cascade Designs, and Cascadia Consulting. Olga has a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Washington. She is certified as a LEED Green Associate and a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor.