Solving Plastics Pollution Through Molecular Recycling

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Chemical recycling technologies are receiving more and more attention as part of the solution to the recycling challenges we face today, due to their potential to transform difficult-to-recycle plastics into high-quality plastics ready for reuse, chemical feedstocks, or fuels. Learn more about the range of chemical recycling technologies, and hear from Eric Hartz and Jeff Gold of Nexus Fuels about how they are implementing chemical recycling to turn waste into products. They’ll share how the pyrolysis technology they use works and what it takes to move it from a promising technology to a profitable business.

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Jeff Gold
Founder & CEO of Nexus Fuels, LLC

Founder and CEO of plastics-to-oil conversion company utilizing superior design and technology to achieve high energy efficiencies, oil yield, and high-quality fuels. Founder and president of 24-year old technology-based high-hazard engineering and management firm operating on a global scale. Founder and president of ISO 9001 engineering and manufacturing company specializing in high-pressure containment devices that are sold world-wide. BS, Cornell University

Eric Hartz
President & Co-Founder, Nexus Fuels, LLC

Senior executive, strategist and entrepreneur with global operations experience – global, multi-industry experience, multilingual. Co-Founder, SFNB/S1 World’s First Internet Bank™ (sold to Royal Bank of Canada $20 B Bank), ZapMedia, RentBureau, Inc. (sold to Experian $3.9B Credit Bureau). McKinsey & Co. with expertise in Strategy, Operations, Organization, and Innovation – aligned with Energy Practice covering Oil & Gas up and downstream operations, electric utilities, and alternative energy solutions. MBA, The Wharton School; BA, University of Pennsylvania – Economics and Chemistry.

Elizabeth Ritch
Moderator & Project Manager, GreenBlue/CleanGredients

Elizabeth Ritch is a project manager at GreenBlue, where she manages CleanGredients, a database of market-ready chemical ingredients meeting EPA’s Safer Choice standard, and has worked to develop content on chemical recycling and material health for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Essentials of Sustainable Packaging courses.  Prior to joining GreenBlue in 2016, she worked with Ramboll Environ as an environmental consultant helping companies evaluate environmental risks in the context of business transactions, providing litigation support related to soil and groundwater contamination issues, and assessing compliance with environmental regulations. Elizabeth holds a BA in Environmental Thought and Practice and Physics from the University of Virginia.